Friday, January 27, 2012

‘V/H/S’ Reinvents the Horror Anthology Movie With Terrifying “Found Footage”

The short films range in subject matter from paranormal experiences to serial killers, haunted houses to monster attacks. It’s nice and varied, with something for everyone — and its not always what you expect. The highlight is probably a story which follows a bunch of kids who take two girls back to a hotel room. Something is odd about one of the girls, and I won’t give away more.

These shorts are terrifying, but also clever. One of the stories is shot from a pair of video sunglasses that you would buy in a spy shop, giving a POV view of the horror. Swanberg’s segment is shot using a Skype video call between a a college-aged girl who is experiencing strange noises in her house, and her long distance boyfriend. As you can imagine, both of these segments use their limitations to great effect.

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