Friday, January 27, 2012

All about me.

Nate Dorn photo that makes the Sundance instagram daily photo blog.  Victoria and I at 6am on our way to the ticket box office.

Another Nate Dorn photo of us at dinner before our premiere toasting Victoria's birthday!  Bistro 412.

Nate Dorn photo of DP Victoria K Warren, Stunt Woman Liz Davidovich, and Producer Linda Burns.  Power trio.  Look out.

 Victoria and I at the Kodak party courtesy of Skizz.

Nate Dorn photo of me out of breathe at the top of those fucking stairs to the house.  Whew.
At the Sundance Channel HQ happy hour with new friends.
 Where Nate Dorn really likes to pay his attentions...Stuntwoman Liz Davidovich.  
At the top of the stairs on our way to the box office.

My favorite photo of me so far - magically taken by Nate Dorn.

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