Monday, January 23, 2012

"Terrifying anthology 'V/H/S' creates new ghost stories for the video age"

The film is also ordered in what I think is the exact right order.  The first segment by David Bruckner sets the tone for just how crazy things might get, and the final segment by Radio Silence feels like the brakes are off and you're flying off the mountain into the void.  It's crazy, and the audience tonight was screaming, jumping, viscerally reacting.  This is the sort of film that's going to creep into the permanent nightmare vocabulary of the audience, and I think the cheap, shitty VHS look of everything is a big part of why.  We have learned over the past 20 years that if you're watching something on film, it's not real.  But if you're watching something on video, especially low-grade unpolished video, that's "real."  And the filmmakers play off of that idea with such glee that I almost feel like I got mugged by an entire gang.  It is a film designed to shake you with abandon.

And there is no doubt… I am shaken.  Well-played.

Distributors, start your engines.  Someone's getting rich.

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