Monday, January 23, 2012

Sundance in 60 Seconds

Sunday night's midnight movie was the anthology horror V/H/S, probably the section's most anticipated film because of the great up-and-coming horror filmmakers (Ti West, Adam Wingard, David Bruckner) involved.

Here are some of the post-screening Tweets:

"Not super stoked about found footage films, but V/H/S is super fun and mostly supernatural horror, by the way" - @EricVespe

"V/H/S - Holy sh*t freakin' freaky awesome! Six insanely creepy found-footage horror films rolled into one. Don't think I'll be able sleep!" -- @FirstShowing

"V/H/S has some real fun and scary-ass moments. -- @JHoffman6

"Honestly, V/H/S is a portable haunted house. It needs to be in every theater this Halloween. A 1000X more fun than Paranormal Activity." -- @Aaron_Morgan

"V/H/S is such a good f**king time" -- @JenYamato

"V/H/S has some pretty terrific scares in it. I covered my eyes a few times, by which I mean most of the time." -- @MTGilchrist

"V/H/S is the scariest horror anthology in years. Some nice found footage scares. -- @Slashfilm

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