Saturday, January 21, 2012

To the Box Office!

Up at 6am to get tickets to whatever we can.  We kinda found out we were going to Sundance too late for passes.  I was a big fan of the adrenaline pass - entry to all movies before 10a and after 10p.

The first people in line brought sleeping bags and got there at 11pm the night before. It's the cheapest place to stay in Park City.  For the weekend?  Who needs a shower?  Just sleep in the box office.

Everything mostly sold out, so bought one ticket to a 9pm show.

Every night they post a list of the tickets they have released for the next day.

Here's how many tickets were avail this morning...gone by the time I hit the ticket window.

10 ticket stations and a 4 ticket maximum per movie.

Josh got a bunch of animation shorts tickets - holy shit these shorts were amazing and bizarre.  GREAT program.  All different kinds of animation and jesus...those fuckers are twisted.

 Standing in line at the Yarrow with Jas, Josh, and Brohammer.

Animation Q & A

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