Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photos from Day 2

 Our 3 story house - 18 people plus a hot tub!  The top right lighted room was mine.

Treasure Mountain Inn - shot from bottom of stairs we climb down everyday. (And back up. Ugh.)

 Treasure Mountain Inn is the Slamdance HQ.

 Sundance Channel HQ - daily happy hour just a few minutes from the house.

 The Egyptian Theater - also just a few minutes from the house.

 A few more people showing up, but it's still quiet for a Friday night.

 Until the band started playing.

 It's very quiet earlier in the day.

 A few posters.  This changes daily as people plaster over each layer.

 The fire outside my favorite restaurant - Bistro 412.  Great place to warm up for a few minutes.

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