Friday, January 20, 2012

ATL to SLC to Park City to BED!

No sleep last night. Today on the plane, sat next to chatty Cathy. Nice kid. Just returning from Afghanistan. I wanted to read this article. Let's just say he LOVES the Air Force and his job. Wants to be career military. Someone on the plane bought him lunch. Says it happens all the time. Random people hugging him too...although every once in awhile he gets dirty looks from people. Enjoyed the conversation, but really really wanted and needed to nap.

Gave the tour to McReynolds, Bruckner, Jas, and Victoria. Found some Banksy ... ironic that it's covered by plexi. House is about a 5 minute walk to the transit station - just behind the top of Main Street on the highway side. 

Picked up tickets and credentials.

Hopped the bus to the grocery store.  This is Jas, one of our actresses and it's her first film festival - I believe her head might explode she's so excited!! 

David meanwhile is tired. 

Super green, lemonade for tequila, bananas, spinach, eggs, bacon, blue chips, onions, garlic, sliced roast beef. The bare necessities. (I didn't forget the coffee, I brought my own freshly ground from home.  Linda's private reserve.)  I'm not embarrassed to admit I actually had a list.

Look - I'm at the grocery store in Park City waiting for the kids to finish.  They didn't have lists.

Fortunately, our lead actress Hannah got a role on Vampire Diaries...unfortunately, she had to cancel her trip, but asked me to kiss and hug Josh, her manly man.  And I did.

Trout almondine over green beans and a perfect Ketel martini to end a very long day.

My first official "Sundance" photo since landing...the same one everyone takes.

And the lights from high above the top of Main Street on the way home.

And that's my first 6 hours in Park City.

Parties tomorrow...more when I'm less tired.

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