Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Stuff Friday

Day 2 of Sundance was all about swag.

I started at this odd little "green" party. It was a gifting lounge, but apparently I wasn't "somebody" enough to get the good stuff.  After asking a lot of questions as I walked around tasting and testing and meeting people, I noticed that people were given different colored bags. I was a sad brown paper bag, while the silver bags seemed to be scoring. Sure enough, silver got free everything from jewelry to bags to make-up to boot warmers. I got make-up samples and some 100% olive oil from a 75 year old California olive farmer. I have to admit, the olive oil is truly amazing...I got a large bottle of plain, a small bottle or garlic infused, and the best part - a fig balsamic is in the mail.  It's yummy.

From there I headed to the Philly party. Allergies would keep me away from the cheesesteaks, but I looked forward to a free goodie bag of some sort. I entered the hotel and security sent me to the 4th floor, which is odd, because it said the party was on the 2nd floor. I walked into the Sky Lounge and much to my dismay I'm in another gifting lounge. Again I had no secret "thing" that would allow me the jewelry or watches, but I did score some Burt's Bees products. I love Burt's Bees. The greatest part by far was it turns out its a Petron Lounge. Open bar til midnight.  On the way out, JAS and I got on the list...hopefully my name will be there when I return.

Here's what I "scored".

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