Saturday, January 21, 2012

Parties and Ditch Your Date Night

After leaving the fabulous Patron bar, we headed up the street for the SundanceChannelHQ Happy Hour. Sure...I'll drink free Grey Goose after Patron on the rocks! This Happy Hour is also every day.  The only lame thing is the munches were literally a tortilla chip with a dab of guac.  Oh, and there's no bathroom in the place.  Seriously.

From there it was back to the house to change for dinner, then off to meet the main Producers of V/H/S.  Dave couldn't remember where we were meeting them.  He thought there was a five in the number.  805, 508, 503, 583?
It's Sundance, so of course they're late, so I said a quick hello and headed off to dinner with JAS.

JAS has been killing it.  Meeting awesome filmmakers and big wigs.  5 minutes after we sit down, she gets a texted invite to a Top Chef party.  Stupid enough to stay with me for another 30 minutes, she finally headed off.  Jealous...but she came home hungry and that made me feel much better!

We all ended up back at the house drinking tequila lemonade til about 3am....back up at 6a to get in the daily release of open tickets line.  Whoot!  3 hours sleep in 3 days!!

This Dorn Bros photos of us walking to the ticket line was chosen and posted of the Sundance site.  That's me on the left and Victoria on the right.

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