Thursday, January 5, 2012

Team Amateur Night

Around the table, left front to right front, DP Victoria K Warren, Director David Bruckner, 1st AD Gene Smith, and Art Director Raymond Carr.

SFX and MUFX team - her hotness Fawn Ortega and splatterfest king Blake Meyers.

Co-writer Nick Tecosky in the corner, looking all literary.

Stunt Coordinator / Double bad ass Elizabeth Davidovich, Illustrator Matt Brohammer in the hat, and Sound Mixer Lucas Clyde (he smells nice).

David and Blake working out some thorny details.

Raymond asking what I'm sure was a really good question...even though everyone is laughing.

 David showing us photos on the big you can't see them!  This is no spoilerfest.

 Lucas showing us the side of his package.

Elizabeth smiling...little did she know what we would put her through.

Brohammer showing his 'Lily' concept photos to the team creating her look.

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